Homes with a Dock

Perfect Place to Park Your Boat


There is no better metaphor for the connection between house and boat than the venerable dock. A dock is so much more than a place to tie your boat, it is a place of transition between land and sea. Stable, yet definitively not terra firma.

It is a location of its own. A place to depart from or return to. A place where children jump from with a scream and a splash. A place to sit to read or sip lemonade. A place to watch the day slip away. A special place where a grandfather passes along tradition and fish stories from older generation to younger.

A dock is special in its own right. These homes are listed on the market as having a dock. Find your own today!

Note: These listings are pulled from multiple sources, may have been entered by "non-boaters," and may inaccurately reflect actual water-front status. Please review each listing carefully to determine if it adequately meets your needs.